Saturday, August 9, 2014


In 1949, R. W. van Bemmelen published The Geology of Indonesia, a book in 3 volumes. This publication mainly covers the onshore part of Indonesia. The author has done research and compile additional work done previously. The geophysical data included in this publication is limited to gravity and magnetic.

After 65 years of this publication, there are more to cover in Indonesia. New information from offshore and even deeper water were acquired. Satellite images provide significant information to improve our geological understanding of the area. Research and industry seismic survey cover a big area as well. Bore hole data also provide new stratigraphic data.

In 2000, the Indonesian Geologist Association (IAGI), has published An Outline of the Geology of Indonesia (edited by Darman & Sidi) following the 50th anniversary of van Bemmelen's book. The anniversary was done as FOSI's  Regional Seminar in Bandung, in 1999.

The outline of this new series of book will follow the original framework of van Bemmelen's book. Modification and additional data are added to the book if necessary. The maps and figures were updated using new data, with color if necessary.

These days technology has helped in publishing efforts. Electronic version is usually handy for editing and updating preliminary publications. Internet is very useful for publishing works. Social medias and e-mails also allow more people to collaborate in such works.

If you are interested to contribute, please feel free to contact myself or the team below.


Herman Darman

Chapter 1. Physiography
Chapter 2. Tectonics
Chapter 3. Stratigraphy
Chapter 4. Volcanism
Chapter 5. Geophysics
Chapter 6. Geological evolution of Indonesia